The Argument from Actualisation – And it’s Implications

Another great argument for the existence of God is the Argument from Change, or Motion, first put forth by Aristotle, and later by St Thomas Aquinas. Edward Feser, in his ‘Five Proofs’ book devotes time to the definition of change, and whether or not it exists, since philosophers such as Parmenides denied it’s existence. I […]

The Logos Principle – God’s Timelessness and Providence

According to the Classical Theist conception of God, God is timeless, he, as the upholder (I won’t quite say creator) of the space/time continuum must be transcendent of it, not part of it. The question remains however, how does a timeless being act within the world? Would this not entail him acting at a particular […]

The Neo-Platonic Argument for the Existence of God

Out of all the arguments for the existence of God, my favourite has to be what Edward Feser calls the Neo-Platonic Argument, originally developed by the great philosopher Plotinus. Plotinus argued that God could not have intellect, I disagree (to the extent where I believe God ‘has’ to have intellect), so I have developed my […]

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